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Covid-19 test

New opportunity for Covid-19 test
We do now also perform Covid-19 tests on a new location, Smørpøtvej 9, 6705 Esbjerg.
The test place is located approximately 3 kilometers from Esbjerg Heliport/Airport and 3 kilometers from the highway E20 (free parking available). 

Before test? ➤  We ask you to fill out a template with your informations berfore arriving, which                               will be sent to your email after booking. 

Payment?     ➤  Mobilepay, Cash or Invoice

  • Obs. Please use email-booking for Covid-19 testing at Smørpøtvej 9, 6705 Esbjerg Ø
    ➤ Send request on mail: helle@offshoremedicals.dk
Our 3 solutions are: 

"Fast track" 4 hours express (booking with and without planning) 
- 4 hours response time 

24 hours response time

In May 2020 we started testing COVID 19 PCR test in a pilot-project in coorperation with Ørsted Windpower. Through this project we have gained a lot of experience and expertise in COVID 19 PCR testing.

We advice on programme for testing and advice on how to act and plan on positive test within your crew. 

We are operating with a private-courier solution and can therefore guarantee results in the estimated timeframe.

If you have a large number of employees who need to be tested, we have the opportunity of being 2-3 doctors testing your crew. This will highly effectuate the time your employees have to spend being tested.
NB. We also provides
 all of the solutions for larger groups, including the "fast track". 

We are primarily testing in the area around Esbjerg, but have the opportunity to test in other areas in Denmark. We do tests at your facilities, this will higly effectuate you employees time "out of function"

Feel free to contact on phone: +45 53 58 36 01 if you have any kind of questions or requests on price etc.

  • ➤ We are also operating in weekends - call or mail for further information

- OBS please do not eat (incl. gum) or smoke within the last hour before testing